Headhunters specialised in recruiting female talent.

We work to break down entrenched gender stereotypes in companies and ensure that women are represented in leadership and decision-making positions in all industries, ensuring that all female candidates have the same opportunities to be evaluated and considered for top roles.

We are experts in helping companies incorporate diversity by finding the most qualified female candidates for each team. We have our own method, flexible and agile, to find highly qualified professionals that best match your business model and company culture.

Women must occupy important positions in organisations. Therefore, Juno Projects’ purpose is to help our clients incorporate the best female talent in their teams.

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At Juno Projects, we offer recruiting services to select highly qualified female talent profiles.

Our main objective is to foster the professional growth of women, with a special focus in mothers. Our purpose is to help women with professional goals to overcome the difficulties presented by society, in order to offer work solutions and encourage the presence of more women in places of responsibility.

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  • Fullstack developer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Data scientist for AI
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Senior UX Developer
  • Senior Bioinformatician
  • Digital Manager Consultant

Benefits of incorporating #femaletalent

Diversity and inclusion: keys to optimising team performance

Improving decision-making processes

Higher levels of employee performance

Increased employee engagement

Improved problem-solving skills

Creativity and innovation are increased

25-36% improvement in the bottom line*.

*Source: McKinsey 2020. Report: Diversity wins: How inclusion matters

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The idea behind the project

The idea of creating Juno Projects came when we noticed that the playgrounds of our cities are full of professionals who have paused their careers to balance their personal and professional lives, the vast majority of them being women.

If your company is committed to fostering diversity and equal opportunities, we will find the female talent that best matches your business model and corporate culture.

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