Flexible solutions for your business.

Our value proposition is based on a flexible model of services to facilitate the incorporation of female talent in companies.

We are an agile and approachable team. We work on adapting proposals and seek consensual solutions.

Headhunting & Recruiting Juno Projects

We identify and select the right talent for your company.


Our search and talent recruitment methodology allows us to find the best candidates for any position requested.

We use headhunting processes, which means that we contact professionals who fit the job profile and conduct market research to find the best pool of active talent. This way, we can identify the best candidates for the job through our own database and network of contacts.

We are Headhunters:

  • By conducting extensive market research, we identify where this pool of qualified professionals is currently located.
  • We look for the most suitable candidate for each position.
  • The shortlists we provide have a rate of 20% of candidates selected from all those submitted (the industry average is 10%).

Are you interested in our methodology? We’re here to help you. Contact us, we will provide you with all the information you need.

We guarantee the best #femaletalent within the sector.

Our experience proves our expertise in the following sectors:


Digital Marketing

Health technology


Technology in education

Information technology (IT)



Growing together

Reasons to work with Juno Projects

Corporate benefits

Bring female talent into your company: diversity is proven to be a key element for the organisations of the future. Increasing evidence shows that having men and women in the same team makes them more creative and productive.

Corporate Social Responsibility: include your collaboration with Juno Projects in your company’s Equality Plan and communicate it: you are promoting gender equality!

We are experts in helping companies incorporate diversity by finding the most qualified female candidates for each team.

A fairer and more equal society

Through Juno Projects, you are helping more professional women to continue working once they become mothers.

You are committed to creating a more equitable society, where women are not left behind or penalised when deciding to build a family.

We work with organisations that understand that the rationalisation of working hours is essential to bring more women into the labour market and promote progress towards a more advanced society.

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